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So, I"m doing better. Normally don't write in this thing anymore. Don't really see the point, yet I have people that follow me hear that have NO IDEA what I'm going through lately. So let me just say the following:

April 8: I went to work, bu the pinched nerve in my back acted up. Went to the doctor, had x-rays ordered. Was told to stay off work.

Some days later X-rays showed nothing. Then ordered for a MRI. More MRIs!  Anyway, doctor calls me past her office hours to tell me that I have a bulging disk in my lower back. She then sends me to a Neurosurgeon. There I'm told that the disk makes me a good candidate for back surgery. Surgery... Again. AGAIN!

So here we are a month after. I was just informed that my date of surgery will be the 19th. Two weeks.

Over the weekend I went to a friend's house that I've been needing to see for two years. It was wonderful, gave me a chance to get away from here and not think about my back, even though it let me know it was thinking of me. I didn't care, I went to Niagara Falls, the Hard Rock there (because I have this NEED To go to Hard Rock Cafes if they are around.) Umm..... We went to a historic wax museum. That was rather funny.

Went t a buffalo farm. Aww they look so cute... from far away. And we kept it that way. Far Away. Then we went down to lake Erie. And then... then.... we bummed out for a day since I had to go home soon. Anyway, we had a good time. Trying to coax her into coming down here soon.

But.. that has been my month really. And yes, I had a birthday May 1. 25 years now. 25 years old and I'll soon have three majors surgeries under my belt. Yippy. Can i just.... have.. like a new body?

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