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The Random Thoughts of A Louisiana Mare

Xanthe Equine
1 May 1985
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Alright. I changed my yahoo e-mail address and when I get home I'm going to sign into YIM with my new S/N. Only reason is because I decided that I needed to have the same name as everything else.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old equine. I'm a sweetheart and I really enjoy meeting new furres, humans are nice too. I've been a part of the furry community for a while, and love to meet new furs from Louisiana, and around the country.

E-mail xanthe_equine@yahoo.com

My Websites:
Freewebs {This has me and all my alts on it}: http://www.freewebs.com/silverbrights/

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Get your own Evelon Pet Today!</center>

Somethign new I picked up off of BlackWolf's LJ

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